Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mr. Hal Hartley is cooking up a Kickstarter movie - can't wait!

Big fan of Hal Hartley over here (specially the early, funnier work :) - whoa, a double shout out - including a Woody Allen reference, go me), so, it made my day to hear that 1) not only is Hartley making a new movie, but that 2) he is using Kickstarter to raise funds (& to spread the early word about the movie).  See, what many people may not know is that using Kickstarter is in itself a marketing thing - it creates a story that people can dig into (whether the project needs the money or not), share, & thus create some buzz for the project long before it is ready for the market.  Anyway, go give some money to this project while I try to figure out when I should try to use Kickstarter again for one of my film projects (my first Kickstarter project was a disaster, but hey, #2 might be awesome sauce):


- S

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